Invest Center
Protection and promotion of the interests of individuals and legal entities
Our mission is to provide the best services for businesses and individuals. We are open to all those interested in business development in the Kyrgyz Republic and around the world.
Assistance to investors in finding reliable partners and profitable projects
The whole range of financial instruments for legal entities and individuals
A set of solutions for efficient supply chain management
Establishing and maintaining interaction between organizations and government agencies
About us
Our company provides specialized services aimed at supporting businesses in obtaining investments, as well as finding reliable partners in the Kyrgyz Republic. We offer a comprehensive approach and expert support to help clients achieve their financial and strategic goals.
  • Investment search
    We are searching for reliable business partners in Kyrgyzstan that meet the requirements of investors. We analyze the market, identify promising industries and companies, and provide information about potential partners.
  • Dealer and joint offers
    We help investors develop dealer and joint offers for partners in Kyrgyzstan. We evaluate business partners, offer various options for cooperation and organize negotiations.
  • Legal and financial support
    We provide investors with legal and financial support when investing in Kyrgyzstan. We help with legal execution of transactions, financial analysis and risk assessment.
  • Analysis and preparation
    We conduct a thorough analysis of the client's business, its financial condition and potential for attracting investments. We help clients develop attractive investment proposals that include business plans, financial forecasts and strategic development plans.
  • Search for investors
    We are actively looking for potential investors who meet the requirements and needs of the client. We use our network of connections, market research and specialized platforms to attract interested investors.
  • Presentation and negotiations
    We represent the client to potential investors and organize negotiations. Our goal is to help the client create a favorable atmosphere for successful negotiations and conclusion of investment transactions.
Our team
  • Askarov Aibek
  • Kadirkulova Nurgul
    Deputy General Director
  • Aitiev Toktonazar
    Chief Legal Officer (CLO)
  • Umiev Husein
    Director of Business Development
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